Sunday, May 29, 2011

OK...true confessions from an aging woman! LOL!

Good morning Faithful Followers!

Yesterday was such a busy day! To begin with, we drove an hour to Frisco, where we used to live, to go to the new In-N-Out burger. We only waited for about 45 minutes, as opposed to 2 weeks ago when they opened, and people waited 4 hours! Can you imagine? You can't imagine the excitement everyone has, having this historic California chain come to Texas. Many Californians have relocated here. Once you have an In-N-Out Double Double, well, you just can never go back! LOL! After that, we went and shopped, and spent the whole day in the area.

Now, here comes the confession, we decided to do all of these things in Frisco is because we had been invited to a 30th birthday party in Plano. OK, so, the plan was to kill 2 birds with one stone. Great plan. The party wasn't until 6:00, and we had run out of things to do several hours ahead  of that. That wasn't the bad part...or the embarrassing part... we arrived at my good friend, Barb's house 30 minutes early...make that 1 week and 30 minutes early! Yes, my friends, the party is next week! Talk about feeling like a total fool! LOL!! My husband looked like he was going to kill me...and said as much!

Barb invited us in, fed us dinner with her family, and we spent the evening in the pool! There's nothing like a good friend who loves you despite yourself! :-)

Anyway, I am actually sharing the card that I made for the "guest of honor" NEXT WEEK! I hope you like it. It's rather simple, but I love the stamp set, which is from Stampin' Up!

Love to all of you, who continue to love and support me...even when I am losing my mind! You never know when I might show up on your doorstep!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Aggie graduation card!

Hello Faithful Followers!
Today I am sharing a card with you that I made for a dear friend's son. He graduated from Texas A&M. I hope that you like it!

Have an outstanding day!