Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Fall...a day late!

Good morning, Faithful Followers!

I forgot to that yesterday was the first day of Fall, until I had already posted my blog. So, Happy Fall! It's hard to believe that it's here, yet I am SO ready to move on from Summer. Summer in the Texas heat is no's even too hot to have picnics!

Today I am sharing another card that was made for one of my favorite customers! She has a friend who loves lighthouses. She needed a Christmas card for her. So, I thought, how can I make a lighthouse look like a Christmas card? Ta da! Add one of my favorite blings to it...Stickles! I drew my "electrical cord" around and down the lighthouse, then added red and green dots of Stickles at random. 

Of course, I just told you the last part of the designing the card! So, I will tell you that I started out by inking my background, using a sponge. I did the sky first, then the sand. I then went back and added dimension to the grass by highlighting it with a marker. 

When I delivered this card and the 2 others to my customer, she was very happy. That, in turn, made me very happy!

I did want to tell you that in yesterday's post, I don't think that I had told you that I had added Stickles to Santa's beard. I don't know if you can tell from my photo. 

I hope that you know that on any of my pictures, you can click on them to make them larger. It may help you with some of the detail. Please give me feedback on the clarity of the photos. If I need to change the way the pictures are taken, please let me know.

Have a great day!

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